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Who Are You?

April 11th, 2017

Who Are You?

That's a very valid question to ask a new company and that is what we are! Whilst you might not have heard of us you might have seen our work. Here are a few examples from our archives.

Our work has appeared in magazines from the international Scot's Magazine to our local Konect Directory.

You'll find our photos on leaflets including the ScotWays Campsie Fells map and the Stirling City Active Travel map.

Adverts carry our work including British Red Cross fundraising posters, BPI signs, sales brochures and holiday websites for Tenerife.

Of course, the internet has our pictures and I'm not just talking about our own website and social media sites! We make an appearance on the ScotWays website, Largs Community First Responders’ Facebook page & Bathgate Community First Responders’ website.

So that's a flavour of what we have done. The list is growing so if you'd like to feature on it, drop us a line.

6th Annual Mobile Photography Awards

January 31st, 2017

6th Annual Mobile Photography Awards

It has been a bit too quiet on the blogging front here at RKAB Works. It seems that there have been many other things that have kept me from telling you what we have been doing. I'll correct that now by telling you about one of of those things.

Back in October 2016 I took my Brother-in-Law and my nephew up Scotland's most southerly Munro, Ben Lomond. The Munros are Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet and currently there are 282 (January 2017) and they are named after Sir Hugh Munro who produced the first list of them back in 1891.

Ben Lomond stands at 974m (3,196 feet) on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond. It is the closest Munro to Glasgow and has some amazing views.

Our journey up the mountain started with low cloud and a cold wind leaving us thinking it might be a miserable trip to the top. As we climbed higher, the clouds parted and the sun came out. We had lunch at the top and then the journey down rewarded us with outstanding views.

I'm a keen iPhone photographer and took the view shown above with my iPhone 6. I'm a great believer that it is the skill of the photographer that creates the picture not the type of camera.

I was so pleased with the results that I submitted this image into the 6th Annual Mobile Photography Awards and I wasn't the only person to like it. I received an honourable mention in the Landscape category. I am very pleased!

A Family Portrait Session in Perth

May 23rd, 2016

A Family Portrait Session in Perth

In April 2016 we popped up to Perth, Scotland to do a family photo shoot. We are very fortunate that where we live allows us to access many areas of Scotland with ease. From Grandad to Grandchild we had a great time capturing the family catching bubbles, having fun together and playing with the daffodils and sand at the edge of the River Tay.

Our clients had chosen the fabulous Rodney Gardens for the shoot. This park has an amazing view over the fair city of Perth and is home to some great sculptures. From picture frames to stylised sculptures of the river running through Perth these made fantastic focal points for our photographs.

The daffodils weren't the only flowers in bloom and the heather garden was outstanding. Needless to say when our official duties were over we spent time exploring the garden enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Thanks to our clients Penny, Robin, Ben, Sue and Tim for asking us to capture them enjoying the park and introducing us to a wonderful corner of Perth.

If you'd like to book us for a family portrait session and/or introduce us to another wonderful part of Scotland, please drop us an email.

The Story of Yes

May 8th, 2016

The Story of Yes

Behind the Photographs Behind every photograph there is a story. Some more interesting than others! The Behind the Photographs posts will give you a flavour of the story of how a particular photograph came to be. If you would like us to blog about your favourite photo then let us know.

So what's the story behind Yes?

October 2015 saw the RKAB Works family heading to Devon for a short break at Woodford Bridge Country Club. This lovely little resort has lodges set within wooded parkland making it a superb place to relax. It also has some unusual permanent residents. Yes, you guessed it, peacocks.

So there we were having breakfast when up at the kitchen window popped a peacock. After recovering from the surprise it was time to starting taking photos.

Initially from the breakfast table and then moving closer and closer to the window. The peacock never moved. Well the angle of his head changed as he wondered what these weird people with cameras were doing! Even right up at the window he never moved. Snap! We took Yes?

We discovered the peacocks weren't worried about people and were actually very friendly, especially if you had some bird seed! At one stage we had six of them visiting our patio tucking into the seed from the on-site shop.

Yes? Is one of our favourite images. We have it on a cushion on the sofa. A great talking point when people visit. Why not get one for your house and have a very different talking point of your own?

Konect and the First Responders

April 30th, 2016

Konect and the First Responders

Its hard to believe its April already. The start of the year has been a busy time here at RKAB Works; what with setting up our new website and all, Ive not had moment to make the first blog post on it. Ill correct that now.

Through our blog we want to share with you whats happening at RKAB Works, a little of the background to some of the pictures in our shop and about some of the special projects we have undertaken.

So for this first blog I thought we would skip back to March and our local community magazine Konect. The Konect community magazine covers a number of West Lothian communities providing advertising and articles of local interest.

The March Konect Directory featured a great article about Bathgate Community First Responders, a volunteer group that provides life saving coverage in support of the Scottish Ambulance Service. When you dial 999 for a life threatening medical emergency, such as a cardiac arrest or suspected heart attack, then a First Responder may be dispatched to help out if they will be there before the paramedics. RKAB Works was lucky enough to supply photographs to illustrate the article.

It was good fortune that towards the end of 2015 Bathgate Community First Responders were chosen as one of the charities that S3 pupils at Armadale Academy for the Youth Philanthropy Initiative Scotland project. RKAB Works undertook a photo session with the First Responders for the S3 pupils to use as part of their presentation.

OK, I confess Richard, a member of staff at RKAB Works, is heavily involved with the First Responders and Andrew, another member of staff at RKAB, was one of the pupils involved in the project. Contacts are everything!

The photo session went really well and left us with a stock of pictures. These were invaluable when Konect came to write an article on the First Responders and needed some pictures to illustrate it. So the picture shown of volunteers practising their resuscitation techniques popped through the doors of 10,000 Bathgate and Torphichen homes.

There's gonna be loads of blog posts here in the future with news and behind-the-scenes look at our work. Get an email every time we post by joining our email list here.