A Family Portrait Session in Perth

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A Family Portrait Session in Perth

In April 2016 we popped up to Perth, Scotland to do a family photo shoot. We are very fortunate that where we live allows us to access many areas of Scotland with ease. From Grandad to Grandchild we had a great time capturing the family catching bubbles, having fun together and playing with the daffodils and sand at the edge of the River Tay.

Our clients had chosen the fabulous Rodney Gardens for the shoot. This park has an amazing view over the fair city of Perth and is home to some great sculptures. From picture frames to stylised sculptures of the river running through Perth these made fantastic focal points for our photographs.

The daffodils weren't the only flowers in bloom and the heather garden was outstanding. Needless to say when our official duties were over we spent time exploring the garden enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Thanks to our clients Penny, Robin, Ben, Sue and Tim for asking us to capture them enjoying the park and introducing us to a wonderful corner of Perth.

If you'd like to book us for a family portrait session and/or introduce us to another wonderful part of Scotland, please drop us an email.